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Fujian in figures(福建数字)

Situated in the coastal region of Southeast China, Fujian Province faces Taiwan and neighbors HongKong and Macao. With a resident population of 39.73 million, Fujian covers a land mass of 124 thousand square kilometers and a maritime territory of 136 thousand square kilometers. It is the origin and an important starting point of the Maritime Silk Road.

Fujian is divided into 9 cities (namely Fuzhou, Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Quanzhou, Sanming, Putian, Nanping, Longyan and Ningde) and Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Area. The turn of seasons doesn’t affect the greenness of Fujian, which is graced with a forest coverage rate of 66.8%, ranking first in China. The qualities of water, air and ecological environment are counted among the top rankings in China, earning the reputation of “Refreshing Fujian”.

Business Fujian(福建营商环境)

In 2019, the total GPD of Fujian was 4239.5 billion yuan, ranking 8th nationwide; the per capita disposable income reached 35616 yuan, ranking 7th nationwide.

In 2019, Fujian’s imports and exports combined reached 1330.67 billion yuan, including 827.786 billion yuan of export and 502.883 billion yuan of import.

Top 10 destinations of export: the ASEAN countries, United States of America, the European Union, HongKong, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, India, Australia, Mexico.

Top 10 sources of import: the ASEAN countries, Australia, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, the European Union, Brazil, United States of America,  Japan, South Korea, South Africa.

By the end of 2019, a total number of 59,576 foreign-invested enterprises were established with contractual foreign investment of 1661.7 billion US dollars and actual use of foreign capital of 931.47 billion US dollars. 76 companies in the Fortune 500 have invested in 211 projects in Fujian.

Brands of Fujian(福建品牌)

Fujian has cultivated a group of export brands with proprietary intellectual property rights, self-owned brands and independent marketing channels featuring high technology, high added-value and high benefits. The industries involved include electrical machinery, textile and garments, light industry, metals, chemicals, construction materials, metallurgy, health care, food process and poultry. Fujian boasts a number of regional titles such as “China Shoes City” , “China Umbrella City”, “China Porcelain City” , “China Stone Carving City” , “China Wood Carving City” , “China’s Famous Casual Clothes City” , “China Zipper City” , “China Clock City” , “Hometown of Bamboo and Wood in China” , “China Electrical Machinery City”, “China Plumbing City” , “Hometown of Resin Crafts in China” , “China Famous Food Stuff City” and “China Cans City”. Fujian also has 18 state-level model bases for the transformation and upgrade of international trade, including men’s wear, shoes, pottery, clocks and watches, umbrellas, aquatic products, water heating and household wares, bamboo ware, non-ferrous metals, etc.

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