Trending E-Commerce Products in Home & Hardware

Trending E-Commerce Products in Home & Hardware

Learn more about trendy product ideas and best-selling home and hardware products for your online store.

E-commerce is platform which has allowed businesses to thrive despite the pandemic. With physical stores closed, there is an increase in online buying, and most retailers have shifted and invested in their online presence. 

Here are interesting e-commerce niches that consumers have bought online to maintain and adapt a lifestyle while in isolation. 

  • Building Materials  

Building or renovation? Building materials are considered essential this pandemic. 2020 is the year to merge innovative processes and applications with sustainability goals.  

Top tile trends this year take nature as an inspiration. You can recreate texture and patterns based on natural materials such as wood using innovative print technology. “The latest styles add texture and interesting patterns, and can go in wet spaces like shower stalls that real wood can’t,” says Forbes magazine’s Jamie Gold.  

Green construction has become an expected standard for homebuyers, renters, and commercial tenants. Modular and prefab construction use eco-friendly building methods such as using renewable materials to increase market visibility and boosting client trust.  

  • Home Improvement 

The global situation resulted in people spending more time at home and people have used this time to use this time to renovate and improve their home. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) home improvement is on the rise with YouTube and Pinterest showcasing doable renovation projects“The pandemic has led many homeowners across the country to pounce on DIY home improvement projects during stay-at-home orders,” writes USA TODAY’s Grace Schneider. “And as a result, hardware, home improvement and farm supply stores — which the federal government deemed essential businesses — have seen a massive surge in demand for tools, paint, lawn and garden goods and treated lumber.” 

There is likewise an increased demand for cleaning supplies, security systems, and safety gear, as well as activity kits for kids. 

  • Houseware  

Comfort, minimalism with a personal touch and vintage designs are among the top trends in home products. Pet products and accessories such as beds is a stable niche in e-commerce. Also, promoting personal comfort such as memory foam or orthopedic pillows and sofa covers are among popular home products recently 

  • Lawn, Garden & Outdoor  

With more time on their hand, people are paying more attention to their home environment and have found therapeutic effects in gardening. It has become a big trend in social media nowadays, with more people immersing themselves and learning about indoor gardening, repurposing of plants and vertical planting – which Garden Design has identified as one of the hottest horticultural trends of 2020.   

  • Plumbing & Sanitary Ware  

Plumbing is part of the whole remodeling package. Repairing a faucet, stopping leaks and unclogging a bathroom drain without chemicals are some of the DIY projects you can do at home in the time of Corona. Plumbing tools to help on plumbing installation and repair jobs include impact drivers, cordless drills, hex keys and hex bits, thread tape, and plungers.  

  • Lighting & Electrical  

Lighting and the kind of fixtures you use changes your home’s atmosphere. Sourcing professionals looking to serve this market should be sure to have the basic electrical maintenance tools namely pliers, screwdriver, electrical tape cable ties, electric drill and lever ready for consumers preparing for their next DIY project. Safety essentials include insulated gloves, flame-retardant work shirts and safety glasses, while electrical pro ServiceTitan identifies circuit analyzers and circuit finders as two of the high-tech must-haves for the electrician of 2020. 

  • Home Automation  Smart home solutions for a high-tech lifestyle 

This may be the time to upgrade your house into a smart home and to make your life easier. The foundation of a good smart home is a strong and stable internet connection to handle all your smart devices.  

Top home devices in 2020 include robot vacuum cleanerssmart keyless door locks, robot lawn mowers and smart plugs 

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