Top 10 kitchen & interiors trends

Top 10 kitchen & interiors trends

One of the biggest impacts of the COVID-19 situation is that it has made people spend more time at home. It has also redefined tastes or preferences for interior design, furnishings and more for the home, which in turn also affects trends importers must keep an eye on when sourcing products.


Here is a handy list of home and kitchen trends, including those brought about by the pandemic:

  1. Multifunction spaces – Boundaries between work or study and living spaces are overlapping. The New York Times cites this as one of the top ways the virus may change homes. Furniture and other products that helps organize office and educational essentials is an example of a product that can match people’s changing need based on the trend.
  2. Home office items – Telecommuting as business continuity solution is the new normal. Hawaiilife sees it to be one of the biggest trends brought about by the pandemic. Home products that make work-from-home convenient and boost productivity, including lamps, desks and ergonomic seats, could be what buyers have at the top of their minds.
  3. Stylish wall hangings – Various types of wall hangings for sprucing up the home are trendy as people need their spaces to look good for videoconferencing in relation to the pandemic. Real Homes reports #macramewallhanging to be the most popular search term on Instagram in 2020 and expects it to continue to be so due to the pandemic.
  4. Need for more cookware – Restaurants’ biggest rival during these times is home cooking, a QSR Magazine article says. With dining out not an ideal option with social distancing as a new norm, people are preferring to cook their own meals at home, which likely is to push demand up for cooking essentials.
  5. Kitchen countertops – More cooking and time in the kitchen could also mean people continuing to improve their countertop styles. Real Homes lists #kitchenisland as second most popular Instagram search term this year.
  6. Pantry organization must-haves – Real Homes’ fourth most popular search term for 2020, #pantry, affirms how kitchen organization matters this year especially during these times when people are mostly at home preparing their meals.
  7. No-touch fixtures – Fox Business lists popularity of touchless tech as one effects of the pandemic to home design. More buyers will be on the lookout for automatic fixtures, including garbage cans and flushers as mentioned, for the home.
  8. Eco-friendly – Products from sustainable sources have gone mainstream, per a Los Angeles Times 2020 trends article. From the home to other aspects of living, people have been on the constant lookout for sustainable alternatives.
  9. Nature-inspired items – Another 2020 trend listed on the Los Angeles times article is nature. Whether in terms of color choices, plants or home fixtures, what makes homeowners feel closer to the outdoors while staying indoors is expected to remain popular this year.
  10. Good in blue – Household products that adopt or match Pantone’s Classic Blue, the Color of the Year 2020 are high in supply. Described by Pantone to bring “a sense of peace and tranquility”, the mood the color gives could be what homeowners are seeking in these difficult times.



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