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Study from Home Trends at the Global Sources Online Show

Need to source items for your study from home product offering? The new normal brought on by the global pandemic has shifted the market to focus on products that will enhance the remote studying situation. Look no further as we help narrow down your search by showing you the hottest trends in remote studying products.


A stable internet connection

It’s not enough to rely on mobile network connectivity anymore. Nowadays, with multiple and full-time users at home, it’s essential to have a very secure Internet connection. No one wants their Wi-Fi connection to ever be compromised, after all – especially students who are in the middle of an online class or exam! A bad connection can also disrupt and lower the efficiency of smart home items. Hence, getting the best Wi-Fi routers is non-negotiable.


Headsets for excellent and zero audio

Think about this: it’s hard enough to study in school, how much more so at home when there are so many distractions? Your customers have a barking dog or their sibling/parent is also having a meeting nearby, or another person has music or the TV on. The need for headsets have evolved from just having a built-in microphone, to having excellent audio output and a snug fit around the ear to make sure external noise is canceled out. Cheap or poorly made headsets just won’t do anymore, as headset use has definitely increased from minutes to hours for many.


Portable workstations

Considering not everyone can work on the dining or coffee table, and not everyone has extra space to transform into an office or study room, people need more options to be able to study in peace. Portable or foldable tables provide a good solution to this problem. Laptop stands are also a viable option because they make working in bed or on the sofa practical. Studying from home shouldn’t be a problem (or uncomfortable), after all.


Showcase improved remote solutions for students

Find more innovative trends and study from home products at our online show! In the meantime, you can also visit our website to explore more quality and ready-to-ship products.

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