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Just two years ago, the global healthcare market reached a value of nearly $8,452 billion. In fact, it has shown a compound annual growth rate of 7.3% since 2014 and is projected to keep climbing at least until 2022. By then, the industry is expected to be worth $10 trillion.

Although these numbers may not be set in stone – especially now that a pandemic has threatened economies and human life in general, the medical & healthcare industry continues to surge. With digital health starting to shine via wearables and AI technology, what are other prominent medical and health trends that will be prominent in the industry?

Other than valuing the usual such as healthy eating or fitness, here are more trends to watch out for:


Mental health. The pandemic has given mental care a brighter spotlight due to the long cycles of social distancing and isolation for most. As a buyer, you might want to source products that let your customers relax and take a breather from their stressful lives – physical or otherwise. From air humidifiers, salt lamps, comfortable sofas or chairs to Zen-inspired furniture. The goal is to be able to provide a stress-free and soothing selection to guarantee that their comfort and well-being always come first.


Protective gear. In relation to the pandemic, you can expect a consistent need to provide protective clothing. Whether it’s face masks or respirators, surgical masks and gloves, face shields, disposable body suits and aprons –  these medical essentials are being bought left and right even by those who don’t work for the medical industry. What’s more is that protective gear is also evolving. For instance other suppliers also provide versions of these products using specific, sturdy fabric to provide fashionable yet protective gear for their customers. Check our website for more protective gear choices.


Anything “antibacterial”. Everyone wants to prioritize their safety from the pandemic or other external threats to their health. Showcasing different types of antibacterial products is likely to boost your sales. From antibacterial solutions, there are also antibacterial wipes, antibacterial screen protectors and cases for phones, to antibacterial socks – the list goes on and on! Click this link to view more options for antibacterial products.


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