Trending work from home devices

Trending work from home devices at Global Sources online show

Today’s most in-demand products as consumers work and study at the comfort of their homes


Studying and working from home has recently become the part of “the new normal.” To minimize exposure risks to COVID-19, many schools are shifting to online learning and companies are allowing their employees to work from home. According to the National Compensation survey, only 7% of US employees worked from home prior to the pandemic. But now, 64% of US employees are working from home, per SHRM’s COVID-19 Business Index. As today’s consumers adjust remotely, the demand for several work from home electronics is rising. Here are the trending devices found at the Global Sources online show:


  1. For productivity – Laptops, netbooks and tablets are highly sought after along with essential workstation accessories such as keyboards & mice, office chairs, laptop stands and desks, call center headsets and more. A lot of people like to listen to music while studying and working. Hence, wireless audio products like Bluetooth headphones and TWS earbuds with noise-canceling features have high sales. Interaction wise, consumers are investing in webcams, PC cameras and conference video cameras because business meetings are now being done online via Zoom or in other video conferencing apps.


  1. For entertainment – After a long day of working or studying, people like to unwind. A lot of working millennials and Gen-Z students like to game as a means of entertainment. Gaming chairs, electronic handheld games and consoles have seen an increased demand. Furthermore, given the recent TikTok craze, the Gen-Z youth is hooked on uploading various dance videos and vlogs on social media. According to Oberlo, TikTok has 800 million active users worldwide, with 16 to 24-year olds being the most active users. Hence, affordable Android phones and mobile accessories are among the most popular devices as well. This is an ongoing trend, especially now that almost everyone is encouraged to stay at home instead of seeking fun activities outdoors.


  1. For protective, preventive measures – Even when at home, people are now taking precautionary measures to reduce bacterial and viral transmission. This is why popularity in UV mobile sterilizers have skyrocketed. Here at Global Sources, a lot of these UV sterilizers are multifunction. They can also function as wireless chargers and aroma diffusers. Health-wise, smart and infrared thermometers, and smart watches and bracelets that can measure body temperature, are amongst the top products along with pulse oximeters, which can measure blood oxygen.
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