5 Biggest health & wellness trends of 2020


5 Biggest health & wellness trends of 2020

Ever since its debut in the early 2000s, the wellness revolution has not shown any signs of slowing down – especially now amidst the global pandemic. The industry has displayed a promising growth trajectory that will most likely remain unperturbed thanks to health-conscious consumers around the globe.


What makes health & wellness a popular industry?

Simply put, health & wellness products give consumers a more tangible approach as to how they can enrich and prolong their lives. They can tweak, choose and design their own strategy according to their personal preferences. It offers a sense of security and control over and above – and complementing – public healthcare or their doctor’s advice. To a degree, investing in health & wellness products, activities or services, reduces worry about not living one’s life to the fullest and healthiest.


Relevant and highly in-demand

The “wellness mindset” has become so deeply ingrained in people’s lifestyle choices that the industry has amounted to massive worth of $4.2 trillion last 2019. From the food they eat to the clothes they wear, to how they spend their free time – all of these are taken into consideration whether it contributes to their entire well-being or not. And as a sourcing professional, it’s safe to say that this industry is going to be worth the venture and investment because it’s here to stay. If you are looking to update your health & wellness catalog, you should stay on top of the notable trends in the health & wellness industry.


Health & wellness trends of 2020

Based on the key sectors of health & wellness, below are the trends that are dominating the industry and will be valuable for your business.

  1. Beauty & anti-aging. The biggest contributor to the industry with $1,083 billion. Consumers are all about enhancing their physical attributes and looking younger. Social media has encouraged consumers from all walks of life to prioritize their image to make them look and feel their best. Cosmetics, anti-aging machines, creams and serums – the list goes on, as does the quest for youthful and healthy beauty.

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  1. Body fitness & weight loss. One of the most popular parts of the health & wellness industry, products for this range from gym equipment, yoga wear, sports footwear, wearable tech like smartwatches and pedometers. Different kinds of weight loss machines and fabrics also belong to this trend. Due to the global pandemic, consumers might find it necessary to buy their own sports or workout equipment, so they can resume their fitness regime indoors. Source in-demand fitness and weight-loss products here.
  2. The sleep market. Perhaps the underdog in the health & wellness industry is the growing sleep market. According to a recent report from McKinsey & Company, billions of dollars are being spent on sleep betterment in the US alone. Insufficient sleep, after all, leads to low or bad productivity and other health problems. Investing in this particular trend is more exciting than just bed frames and mattresses. Sleep market products include luxury comforters, sleep wear, white noise sleep machines, mood lights and room temperature control. To review what you can source, you can click here for more sleep-related products.
  3. Healthy sabbaticals. Just because the entire world is mostly in a study or work from home set-up, it doesn’t mean a wellness getaway is not possible. Consumers still need to set a time to relax and unwind from their busy work schedules, as there may be a tendency to overwork due to the new hours brought about by the “new normal”. Having a relaxed and refreshed body and mind leads to better productivity and outlook in life, after all. Products for these include body massagers, essential oils with air humidifiers, cooling eye masks, comfortable chairs, stress balls and more. To explore more of this trend, you can click here for wellness sabbatical products.
  4. Personalized healthcare. Finally, the list will not be complete if it doesn’t include this trend. While not advertised to replace going to the doctor for professional advice, personalized health care products have gained popularity in an attempt to monitor and stay vigilant about their health choices. Now, there are available wearable technology that helps consumers keep track of their health – from their heartbeats, blood pressure, body temperature, and even the amount of exercise they do in a day. What’s even better is that all of these are mostly digital (synced to apps in their phones or smart watches), making it very convenient to stay alert each day. Find ready to ship personalized health care products on this link.


The industry is strong and is here to stay

If anything, buyers can expect the health & wellness industry to grow further in the near future. Its previous performance indicates that it has been increasing in popularity and revenue since 2015, and is expected to carry on into the next two years. Judging from the trends presented above, one can also expect that these items will remain a staple search from consumers worldwide.









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