Product trends for the 2020 holiday season

Product trends for the 2020 holiday season

Find out what are the next biggest trends in gifts and home – straight from the experts.

With the world still facing COVID-19 as the holiday season approaches, a question gifts and home items importers have in mind is “What to source now that the pandemic is changing how and where people spend special occasions”? Global Sources’ recent Virtual Summit brought together industry experts online for the best insights. 


Here are 5 hot holiday product trends the pros recommend buyers to focus on: 


  1. Home comfort essentials– Amy Wees, CEO of Amazing at Home Business Consulting, sees “making your home a homey place to be” to become a big trend for the upcoming season. With staying at home one of the new norms the pandemic has created, people will want to augment their living spaces with products for home comfort during and after these difficult times.   


  1. Brick and mortar to change– People stuck at home will still want to experience going out. Wees expects this will change homeowners’ preference for brick and mortar. Home design products that give the feeling of being outdoors is a trend to watch out for.  


  1. Fitness products for kids– Holidays were always about toys, but the upcoming season could be the start of the fitness trend for youngsters, product development and sourcing expert Kian Golzari thinks. Kids, used to being active, have also been limited to indoor activities as a safety measure during the pandemic so children’s fitness products that are fun to use at the same time could be a top gift option parents have in mind.  


  1. Pet products galore– A happy pet is an entertained pet, as many say. Pets need playthings to keep them busy, active and fit daily while their owners are spending more time at home. Pet adoption is also on the rise as this has been a way people are finding happiness and coping from the stress caused by the pandemic, Golzari observes, so importers should be on the lookout for more pet toys and care products.  


  1. Art is hot– Platforms for staying connected, such as Zoom, have become the new spotlight for home decor. People want their videoconferencing backgrounds to look good and they are sprucing it up by adding art to their walls. This is why art could be one hot item to source for the holidays, per Golzari. 





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